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Introducing CLOBAZAM ADCO Indicated for the treatment of anxiety in neurotic patients, for pre-operative medication, and it may be effective in relieving the acute symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome 1 May be used as an adjuvant in epilepsy* 1 • Unlike other benzodiazepines, CLOBAZAM ADCO has less sedative effects 2 • Mild to moderate adverse events 2 • Cost saving of 15 % versus originator 3 *The dosage of CLOBAZAM ADCO should be determined by monitoring the EEG and plasma levels of the other medicines. 1 References: 1. CLOZABAM ADCO 10 & 20 mg tablets Professional Information, 27 June 2023. 2. Faulkner MA. Comprehensive overview: efficacy, tolerability, and cost-effectiveness of clobazam in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Ther and Clin Risk Manage 2015;11:905-914. 3. Generics dictionary. name_eq%5D=CLOBAZAM (Accessed: 03 October 2023). For full prescribing information please refer to the Professional Information approved by SAHPRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority). S5 CLOBAZAM 10 ADCO. Each tablet contains 10 mg of clobazam. Reg. No.: 55/2.6/0546. S5 CLOBAZAM 20 ADCO. Each tablet contains 20 mg of clobazam. Reg. No.: 55/2.6/0547. Adcock Ingram Limited. Reg. No.: 1949/034385/06. Private Bag X69, Bryanston, 2021. Customer Care: 0860 ADCOCK/232625. 2023080110303342. August 2023. A calming touch NEW Clobazam 17919