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Decades of clinical practice suggest that is ® Etomine and effective well tolerated in the treatment 3 of schizophrenia Indicated for acute forms or phases of schizophrenia psychoses with manic, paranoid 1,2 or hallucinatory symptoms In Non psychotic disorders to depress excitation and also psycho-reactive or neurotic 1 symptoms Etomine sedates and exerts good antipsychotic effects and helps the patient re- 1 establish contact with their environment Pharmaco Distribution (Pty) Ltd. 3 Sandown Valley Crescent, South Tower, 1st Floor, Sandton, 2196 P.O.Box 786522, Sandton, 2146, South Africa. Tel: +27 11 784 0077. Website: ETO_A4201 Refrences: 1. Etomine South African Approved Package Insert. Approved 19th September 1995. 2. González CA. Expert Report ons Clotiapine (Etumina®). Department of Pharmacology, Universidad de Alcalá. 3. Katerine A. Lyseng-Williamson. Clothiapine in Schizophrenia. Guide to use. Adis. 16th September 2015. ”